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(Blériot Experimental 12)

The BE12 was meant to be an improved fighter variant of the original BE2 design but was in fact little better than the single seat BE2c flown by the Sutton’s Farm flyers. The BE12 was, however, powered by a more powerful engine and armed with a forward firing machine gun.

In Flanders the BE12 was woefully outclassed by the newer German fighter aircraft and even with the Home Defence squadrons in England its service life was very short as it could not effectively intercept the new German aircraft raiders.

Type: Single seat fighter
Powerplant: 150 hp Royal Aircraft Factory inline
Maximum Speed: 102 mph
Maximum Altitude: c 13,000 feet
Range: c 200 miles
Armament: 1x forward firing .303/7.7 mm Vickers machine gun.


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