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(Fighter Experimental 2b)

The FE2b (Fighter Experimental 2b) or “Fee” may look like a glorified microlight to modern eyes but in its day it was a revolutionary concept which allowed a machine gun to be aimed from the front of the aircraft, impossible in a tractor aircraft until the development of synchronised machine guns in 1916. As a pusher with a forward firing gun the FE2 in 1916 briefly competed on equal terms against German aircraft in the skies over Flanders.

By late 1916, however, the FE2b was becoming increasingly outmatched by newer German machines but even so continued to provide stalwart service until the end of the war. The Fe2b could carry a very heavy armament including the 1 pdr quick fires or heavy 0.45” Maxim machine guns which could make it a formidable ground attack aircraft..

Type: Two seat fighter
Powerplant: (FE2b) 160 hp Beardmore 6 cylinder engine (pushing)
Maximum Speed: 91 mph
Maximum Altitude: c 11,000 feet
Range: c 180 miles
Armament: 1x forward firing .303/7.7 mm lewis machine gun and 1x .303/7.7 mm Lewis gun on swivelling mount to fire backwards over wing.



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