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The Hawker Demon was a fighter variant of the excellent Hawker Hart Light Bomber, which entered RAF service in 1930. The Hawker Hart was an outstanding bomber design which, when first built, was much faster than all known fighters of its day. It was also very manoeuvrable. A large number of sub variants were therefore built, one of these was the Demon. A large number of Demons were fitted with a Frazer Nash “Lobster Back” turret for the gunner in the rear cockpit. Some Demons remained in squadron service to see brief action early in World
War II.

Type: Two seat bi-plane fighter
Powerplant: 584 hp Rolls Royce Kestrel V12
Maximum Speed: 185 mph
Maximum Altitude: c 21,000 feet
Range: c 470 miles
Armament: 2x forward firing .303/7.7 mm Vickers machine guns, 1x .303/7.7mm .Lewis machine gun for rear gunner


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