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Sopwith Camel



The Sopwith Camel is possibly the most famous aircraft type of World War I. Th eCamel entered service in the summer of 1917 and served through until the end of the War. In this time the Camel was responsible for a greater total of enemy aircraft shot down than any other aircraft type on either side. The Camel was fantastically manoeuvrable, especially in a left turn due to the immense torque from its rotary engine. This manoeuvrability gave the Camel an edge in combat but also made it a difficult, demanding and somewhat dangerous aircraft to fly for the uninitiated.

Sopwith Camels flown by Home Defence squadrons often replaced the usual forward firing armament with two Lewis Guns firing at an angle over the top wing.

Type: Single seat fighter
Powerplant: 110 hp Le Rhone Rotary
Maximum Speed: 113 mph
Maximum Altitude: c 19,000 feet
Range: c 250 miles
Armament: 2 x forward firing .303/7.7 mm Vickers machine guns.




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