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Sopwith Pup



Officially titled the Sopwith Scout (but nicknamed and remembered as the Sopwith Pup). This little aircraft was a very popular machine amongst those who flew it. Although rather slow due to its little 80hp engine, it was reliable and very very agile, especially at high altitudes. Even so, by mid 1917 the Pup was outclassed by the newer German machines and was steadily replaced by the Sopwith Camel. The Pup was armed with a single forward firing Vickers machine gun. To fight airships the Pup was often armed with eight Le Prieur rockets firing at an angle from the wing struts.

Type: Single seat fighter
Powerplant: 80hp Le Rhone Rotary
Maximum Speed: 111 mph
Maximum Altitude: c 17,500 feet
Range: c 300 miles
Armament: 1x forward firing .303/7.7 mm Vickers machine gun.

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