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Aerial view of Hornchurch Country Park

Aerial view of Hornchurch Country Park



IIn the first half of the 20th century RAF Hornchurch (originally called Suttons Farm) was among the country’s most important military airfields. Pilots stationed at Hornchurch became national heroes in both World Wars and in the summer of 1940 during the Battle of Britain it was in the front line of the country’s defence as one of Fighter Command’s key aerodromes.

Today relatively little survives of the former airfield due to extensive gravel extraction and its landscape has been altered to form Hornchurch Country Park. However, In 2007 London Borough of Havering was awarded a grant from the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund (administered for DEFRA by English Heritage) to undertake a wide ranging project on RAF Hornchurch. The overall aim of the project was to increase knowledge of the historical significance of the site as well as providing management proposals on the future interpretation of the site’s heritage.

This web-site was one of the main products of the project. It is intended to raise awareness of the significance of the site as well as contributing to the long term project to protect and interpret the heritage.

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